Saturday, January 12, 2013

OK. I haven't posted anything here in over two years. I completely failed to post anything about the last KPFA LSB election, in which the "bad guys", those endorsed by 'SaveKPFA', won seven of the twelve seats that were open -- six of nine listener seats but only one of three staff seats. The staff has a lot better idea of what goes on inside the station than the listeners do, and a majority of the unpaid/volunteer staff consistently votes against the faction, presently calling itself SaveKPFA, that is basically an alliance of a majority of the paid staff with the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club. Unfortunately, that latter group is likely to find it easier (but not as easy as they would like) to move KPFA and Pacifica to the right than to move the imperialist Democratic Party, funded by super-rich Zionists and the trade union bureaucracy, to the left.

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