Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm back and running for the board again.

I decided to run again for the KPFA Local Station Board, as I did in 2004 and 2006, and for the same basic reasons I ran then, which is to fight against Democratic Party domination of KPFA and Pacifica, and to push them to the left as much as possible. My main target is the KPFA News Department, whose dominant personalities are conscious advocates of what they call 'objectivity', of being 'balanced' rather than being a counterbalance to the ruling-class media. It means giving the same pro-ruling-class lies and bullshit that we get from most other media the same airing on KPFA News as is given to the views of those whose only major voice is KPFA. It also means generally letting the 'mainstream', i.e., imperialist/capitalist/Zionist, media decide what issues are 'News'.

My official campaign statement and answers to the Candidate Questionnaire are at As in the past, my chances of actually getting elected are small, largely because I am not included in any slate and my name will therefore not appear on any slate card that people might have at hand when they decide on who to vote for. But thanks to the voting system used, the Single Transferable Vote, your vote for me will not be 'wasted'! It will not only have symbolic value as a statement for an anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, subversive KPFA, but will, if and when I am eliminated from the running during the multi-stage counting process, be transferred to the next person in your ranking.

Despite my many differences with many of these candidates, I urge my supporters to vote, in whatever order you choose, for ALL the candidates who are NOT part of the so-called 'Save KPFA' slate, including the candidates of Voices for Justice Radio, Independents for Community Radio, and the two other unaffiliated candidates. (The 'Save KPFA' slate mailer and flyers makes the first part of this advice easy to follow!)

I am particularly favorably impressed by the Candidate Statements of Hyun-Mi Kim, Gina Szeto and Monadel Herzallah of Independents for Community Radio, and of Felipe Messina of Voices for Justice Radio. I intend, barring new contradictory information, to rank them all very high on my ballot. I hope to say more later about them and about other candidates I favor.

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